few more interior shots from the adam’s rotors S8

We have a few more interior shots from the Adam’s Rotors feature on StanceWorks.  A full, detailed write up can be found here: http://www.stanceworks.com/2011/02/rotors8/ This set was a custom made 9oz plain weave.  I’ve only done a few sets in this particular fabric, so it’s pretty rare.  The Adam’s Rotors logo embedded in the epoxy […]

Adam’s Rotors D2 S8 carbon fiber trim production…

A few months ago Adam from Adam’s Rotors approached me about doing a custom set for his Project S8, which has been uniquely dubbed ROTORS8.  At first I was a little hesitant, as the A8/S8 sets are large and cumbersome, but after talking with Adam for a bit I decided to press ahead.  Working with him over […]

Couple quick D2 A8 teaser shots…

Someone bought the production D2 A8 set yesterday, so I started wetsanding and polishing some pieces from it (it worked out kind of nice because I’m currently wetsanding and polishing about 10 other things).  Unfortunately, the owner has an S8 and this set was made for an A8L, so some of the pieces will need […]

D2 A8 Carbon Fiber Trim Production – part 2

Was finally able to find some time to make some progress on this D2 A8 set.  I got the bulk of it clearcoated (I believe there are two large center console pieces that still need to be clearcoated, but they had some chips around the edges that needed to be fixed so they will be […]

D2 A8 Carbon Fiber Trim Production

I had totally forgotten about this core until recently.  Originally, I purchased it for a customer interested in having a carbon fiber set made for his D2 A8L sometime in 2007.  Unfortunately, the customer ended up selling his car and didn’t want the trim anymore, so the core sat unused for a while.  A few […]