Silver “carbon fiber” B6/B7 trim set for sale…

I’ve got this silver texalium all finished up and ready to go.  It is available for immediate purchase and can be shipped out the day after payment is made. This texalium is actually an aluminum coated fiberglass (real carbon fiber can’t be colored or dyed) and is commonly called silver carbon fiber.  I don’t make […]

Some red and blue pieces clearcoated

We were able to get the two custom carbon kevlar sets we’ve been working on clearcoated today.  Very happy with the results. Before we start, the pieces look almost matte as they have been sanded down to 800 grit to make a nice, smooth surface for the clear to adhere to. Only going to need […]

Few teaser shots of 5HS fabric on a B6/B7 set

Just got done clearcoating the first set made with the new 5 harness satin (5HS) fabric I just got in.  It is a 6k 11oz fabric, so it is pretty high quality.  At first I wasn’t really sure how I felt about it from an aesthetic standpoint, but now seeing these pieces finally clearcoated I’m pretty happy […]