d3 a8 carbon fiber trim production – part 3

I decided to go with the 20oz 2×2 twill, after some hesitation because I wasn’t certain if the fabric would be too thick for the complex curves of the D3 A8.  The shifter piece and the speedometer piece with their intricacies worried me the most.  The thicker fabric is much harder to work with on […]

D3 A8 carbon fiber trim production – part 2

Made some progress on my friend’s D3 A8/S8 trim.  The resin is applied to the majority of the set and will spend the next few days curing.  After its cured, I can trim off all the excess, start sanding it smooth, and getting the pieces ready for clearcoat. I’m a little behind on the dash […]

Couple quick D2 A8 teaser shots…

Someone bought the production D2 A8 set yesterday, so I started wetsanding and polishing some pieces from it (it worked out kind of nice because I’m currently wetsanding and polishing about 10 other things).  Unfortunately, the owner has an S8 and this set was made for an A8L, so some of the pieces will need […]

D2 A8 Carbon Fiber Trim Production

I had totally forgotten about this core until recently.  Originally, I purchased it for a customer interested in having a carbon fiber set made for his D2 A8L sometime in 2007.  Unfortunately, the customer ended up selling his car and didn’t want the trim anymore, so the core sat unused for a while.  A few […]