Ready to start the “OEM” vent & MMI group buy

We got the cores in from Germany yesterday, so I can start production on these in the next few days. By my count I have about 25 A4/S4 vent and MMI sets of cores, and close to 10 A5/S5 sets as well, so hopefully after this group buy is completed I’ll have plenty of cores […]

First pictures of “OEM” vent & MMI pieces installed…

I have been promised better pictures this weekend when the owner has a bit more time to take proper ones. He says he is very happy with the pieces.  They all fit perfectly and the install was “a breeze.” He did note that there were some subtle differences between the fabrics but they are unnoticeable once the […]

First “OEM” vent and MMI pieces finished…

and I couldn’t be happier.  I’m sorry these aren’t the best photos, but I wanted to post these up today because of how great they turned out.  I’ll get the mini studio setup later this weekend and take some better photos and post them on Monday. MMI piece re-assembled.  I will not be including the […]

Making simple molds for the B8 vent and MMI pieces…

Over the past few weeks I’ve been working on various improvements to help with the production of the B8 “OEM” carbon fiber vent and MMI pieces.  I spent the last day or so making simple foam molds that help support the pieces under vacuum.  Previous brackets would cave in under full vacuum.  Running the pump […]

“OEM” B8 Vent and MMI trim production – part 2…

We’ve made a bunch of progress on these pieces in the last week or so. First and foremost, we got the bag system running multiple parts now.  We’ve also made an upgrade to the molds that I’ll detail in a separate post because it is a neat little process. We’ve also had to deal with […]

“OEM” B8 Vent and MMI trim production – part 1

Got a bunch of these in a little bit ago and have begun production on them. The goal will be to produce these in a 8 harness satin weave (8HS) so that they are similar to the OEM carbon atlas trim found in the B8 S4. We’re going to be doing these pieces differently than […]

Finished up the matching vent and MMI pieces

and I couldn’t be happier with how they turned out. Now I just need to have someone local test fit them and I can start offering them.  I’m going to try to offer them for between $400 and $600, but with cores it is going to be kind of tricky.  I’m going to see about […]

Matching B8 vent and MMI pieces clearcoated

Got these pieces clearcoated up today.  I’ll probably wetsand them down a bit and do another few layers of clearcoat because I really want these pieces to look good. After sanding and before clearcoat. After the first few coats. Couple of detail shots on the vent piece. Few closeups of the MMI piece. Keep in […]