Audi Cabrio carbon fiber trim production

Working on 20oz 2×2 twill cabrio set right now so I figured I’d post up some pics of it.  The front door pieces are insanely long, almost as big as the A8 door pieces. Unfortunately, cabrio core sets of trim are a little tough to come by.  The original core that was sent to me […]

First 20oz B8 carbon fiber trim set finished…

I had posted up about a few custom B8 sets we’ve been working on and we finally got the first one wrapped up.  I’m really happy with how it turned out and can’t wait to get some pictures back of it installed. I hope to have the other custom B8 sets finished by the end […]

Couple of custom B8 carbon fiber trim sets…

We’ve done a few B8 A4/S4 carbon fiber sets of trim so far, but up until now they have all been the standard 11oz 2×2 twill (you can see some of those sets in the B8 gallery). We recently got a bunch of B8 cores from Germany so we figured it would be time to […]

Finally got some images of the carbon fiber installed in a tan interior

I’ve been anxious to see what this setup would look like for a while now, so I was happy to finally get some decent photos.  I think it fits pretty well with the two tone interior and adds a nice contrast. Rest of the gallery can be found here: Barry’s A4.

C6 A6 shifter surround finished up

Got the C6 A6 shifter back together again.  It was much more challenging than I had anticipated, but now that it is finally done The two ashtray covers. Two side blades. Shifter frame. First the side blades are attached. Then the ashtray covers are attached. And finally, after a bunch of tiny screws, the shifter […]

Bunch of new pics of some B8 parts

Lots of progress on the B8 vent and MMI pieces.  These will be getting sent out on Monday so hopefully we’ll have some installed pictures shortly. Before we start, the black pieces are for the B8 A4/S4 and are done in a 11oz 2×2 twill.  The red pieces are for a B8 A5/S5 and are […]

Couple of custom B5 sets…

Few shots of some custom B5 beltline sets that I’ve been working on recently.  First up is a plain weave set.  It’s very similar to a standard 11oz 2×2 twill set, the weave is just slightly different.  This plain is 9oz 1×1 weave.  It’s got more of a checkerboard look the diagonal the twill sets […]