Almost done with the F10 5 series trim

We’ve made a lot of progress on this trim over the last week or so.  Should have it ready to ship very soon.

These pieces have been trimmed, sanded, and clearcoated.  They still need to be wetsanded and polished.

Small dash and ashtray pieces.

On the large dash piece, we were able to retain the contours perfectly, which turned out awesome.

The carbon fiber wraps all the way over the top edge.

A few test shots to see what the pieces look like with the chrome trim.  Hopefully we’ll have the rest of the set sorted in the next week or so.


For sale: BMW e90 sedan carbon fiber trim set

I’ve got this e90 set of trim finished up and ready to ship.  It’s a full 8 piece set.  It includes 2 dash pieces, 4 door pieces, ashtray cover, and a non iDrive, manual shifter piece.  It was made with an 11oz 2×2 twill fabric.

Price is $800, with a $400 refundable core deposit (core deposit would be refunded to you after you installed the carbon fiber trim and returned your original trim back to us).

Email me at if you have any questions or if you’d like to place an order.



To see some pictures of this set installed, check our gallery:

First of the new models we’re working on: 2011 BMW 535i

In an effort to start offering products to new makes and models, we recently put a call out to see if we could find some high end car owners willing to send us their interior trim so we could work our magic.  The first person we found was a 2011 535i owner, and he got us his trim pretty quick.  We’re about halfway through his set, so we figured we’d share the progress.

The OEM trim is an aluminum stamped trim that looks okay.  You’ll notice its got a nice chrome accent edge, which we’ll retain.  It also has some nice contours on the pieces which we will try to keep as much as we can (the thickness of the fabric will dilute them a bit, but they still should be noticeable).

First step is to remove the chrome edges and peel back the aluminum.  After that is completed, we grind down to plastic to make room for the carbon and to give the epoxy something to adhere too.

Then we cut the fabric down to size and get it ready for wrapping.  We went with an 11oz 2×2 twill on this set.  I wanted to do a 20oz 2×2 twill, but I was afraid of it being too thick and there being fit issues with the chrome accent on some of the pieces.

And now the fun begins and the set starts to take shape.

The door pieces are a lot thinner without the chrome accents.  You can see the contours have been retained.

The dash piece is massive.

Love this shifter piece.  I can’t wait to see how it looks finished.

That’s it for now.  We’ll get epoxy on these over the next few days and do another update then.

To get an idea of how this will look finished, check our gallery, in particular the gallery of an e90 BMW:

oCarbon is looking for owners of cool cars…

We are looking to expand our make and model offerings on interior trim parts, so we’d like to find some owners of some high end European vehicles to help us out.  We’re going to offer real carbon fiber trim sets at HUGE discounts to people who are willing to send in their trim to us and be a little patient while we manufacture these new sets.  Priority will be given to owners who are active on major forums or who work at/own tuning shops.

If you’ve got a sick car and would like some more info, email me at with some info about your vehicle (make, model, and year), what current type of trim you’ve got (wood, aluminum, plastic, etc) along with what forums you’re active on and any other information you feel is relevant on why we should pick you.

Be sure to check out our gallery to get an idea of what we can do for you:

Here are a few makes and models we’re looking for (got something awesome not on this list?  Email me anyway):


  • R8
  • TTS or TT-RS
  • C7 A6/S6
  • D4 A8/S8
  • RS5 vent and MMI pieces


  • 1 series, preferably 1m
  • e92, preferably M3
  • F30 3 series
  • F10/F11 5 series
  • F12/F13 6 series
  • Any recent M vehicle

Mercedes Benz

  • C-Class, W203 and W204
  • E-Class, W211 and W212
  • S-Class, W221
  • SL-Class, R230 and R231
  • Any recent AMG vehicle
  • Cayman
  • 911, 997 and 991
  • Panamera

Any recent model of the following makes:

  • Aston Martin
  • Bentley
  • Ferrari
  • Jaguar
  • Lamborghini
  • Lotus
  • Maserati
  • Rolls Royce