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Speaking of custom yellow pieces…

I’ve got another custom kevlar set that just got shipped out to a C5 A6 owner.  He should be receiving it any day now, so hopefully we’ll get some installed pictures soon.

Up next to be polished:  Another custom C5 A6 set, but this time in red.

quick teasers of Rodolfo’s imola B5S4…

A few months ago I got in contact with a member on Audizine to see if he was interested in having my first custom yellow carbon/kevlar trim set in his car.  He happily obliged.

I worked on his set and watched the progress he made on his car.  So while it has taken a while to get to this point, I couldn’t be happier with having Rodolfo as the first official oCarbon sponsored vehicle.  You can check out some more images of his new website emortal.co (it will be re-launching very soon).

Stay tuned for a proper photoshoot and a full rundown of mods.

All photos courtesy of Rodolfo Lamaestra

Couple of shots of the yellow carbon kevlar set…

all polished up.  The colors seem a little weird in the photos, but I think it’s just my camera and the poor florescent lighting in the shop.  Hopefully when I get some installed pics of the set in the car in natural lighting the color will be much more uniform.

Couple of quick teaser shots of a yellow carbon kevlar set

This set still needs to be wetsanded and polished, but it turned out pretty solid.  I’m really enjoying all these custom sets that people are ordering.

Stay tuned for more images of this set, it’s going in a monster widebody Imola S4.

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