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Almost done with the F10 5 series trim

We’ve made a lot of progress on this trim over the last week or so.  Should have it ready to ship very soon.

These pieces have been trimmed, sanded, and clearcoated.  They still need to be wetsanded and polished.

Small dash and ashtray pieces.

On the large dash piece, we were able to retain the contours perfectly, which turned out awesome.

The carbon fiber wraps all the way over the top edge.

A few test shots to see what the pieces look like with the chrome trim.  Hopefully we’ll have the rest of the set sorted in the next week or so.


CTS-V center console clearcoated…

This one is for my friends over at CTSVowners.com who have been eagerly awaiting an update on these pieces.

The main radio console piece took a lot longer than anticipated to get all trimmed and sanded out, but we were able to get it.  Really looking forward to seeing how these pieces look installed.


Few detail shots:

The piece under the armrest was much, much easier:

Stay tuned for more updates on these pieces.

Progress on the red CTS-V set…

After getting the CTS-V pieces wrapped over the weekend, it was time to start brushing on the epoxy.

The red kevlar does not soak up the epoxy very well, so it takes a few coats to get it saturated.

The black 8HS fabric is easily wetted out though.  Only took a few coats for the center console to start looking like real carbon fiber parts.

I am particularly fond of the cup holder cover.  It looks like it belongs on the Batmobile.

After a few more coats of epoxy, the red pieces start to darken up a bit and look more like they will when finished.

After a few days of curing, we’ll stick these parts in our oven for 36 hours to strengthen them and make them super hard.  After that we can start trimming off the excess fabric and epoxy, and get them sanded smooth.

Another custom CTS-V trim set underway…

Now that I’m an official vendor over at CadillacForums.com it’s the perfect time to do a full write up on the production of a CTS-V carbon fiber set of trim from start to finish.

This particular set is going to be pretty custom, with red carbon/kevlar hybrid fabric being used on the main trim along the doors and dash and a 5HS black fabric being used on the center console.  It is a pretty daring combination, but it should look amazing once installed in the car.

This is the OEM trim in its original form.  The doors and dash are a fake printed “carbon” and the center console is a gloss plastic.  No idea why GM choose to cheap out on materials for such a cool car like the CTS-V, but this trim is perfect for getting wrapped.

First, the center console pieces are scuffed up so the fabric has something to grip to.

The fabric being used on these pieces is a traditional black carbon fiber that has been woven in a 5HS pattern.  This fabric runs vertical in appearance.

Getting the pieces laid out on the fabric so the correct sizes can be cut.

Same treatment for the door pieces on the red carbon/kevlar.

Once the fabric has been cut, a thin coat of bonding epoxy is applied to the pieces.

Getting the center console taped up and the same bonding epoxy is applied.

Now the fun part starts.

After an hour or so of trimming a lot of excess fabric, the pieces are finally starting to come together.

These pieces look bright red now, but once they are wetted out with epoxy, they’ll turn a much darker red that shifts in color depending on how the light hits it.

Same process on the center console pieces.

That is it for now.  The bonding epoxy needs a day or two to cure, but once the fabric is secure to the pieces I can start adding epoxy to them and they’ll really start to take shape.

I’ll post more updates in the blog later this week.

Started working on Audi B pillars…

I had a B5 S4 Avant customer who purchased a set of interior trim and wanted and wanted a little something extra for his exterior as well.  He asked if I could do the B and C pillars for his S4.

It took us a little while, but we were able to get it sorted.  These are full replacement parts made with OEM pillars, wrapped in 20oz 2×2 twill carbon fiber:

We’ve also started some B6/B7 pillars:

OEM pillars are stripped and prepped.

Epoxy is applied and the fabric is wrapped.

Extra fabric is removed.

Epoxy is spread on and built up.  This will be cured in a week or so and ready to be sanded smooth.

I’ve even got a custom set of 5HS pillars in the works for my buddy Nick.  He’s got a one of a kind set of 5HS carbon fiber interior trim.  He’s also got a 5HS carbon fiber front plate too, hopefully we’ll see some installed pictures of that soon.

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