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few more interior shots from the adam’s rotors S8

We have a few more interior shots from the Adam’s Rotors feature on StanceWorks.  A full, detailed write up can be found here:


This set was a custom made 9oz plain weave.  I’ve only done a few sets in this particular fabric, so it’s pretty rare.  The Adam’s Rotors logo embedded in the epoxy on the ashtray cover was a nice custom touch as well.

Adam’s Rotors D2 S8 carbon fiber trim production…

A few months ago Adam from Adam’s Rotors approached me about doing a custom set for his Project S8, which has been uniquely dubbed ROTORS8.  At first I was a little hesitant, as the A8/S8 sets are large and cumbersome, but after talking with Adam for a bit I decided to press ahead.  Working with him over the last few weeks has been fun and I’ve enjoyed watching his project car get transformed.

When Adam first contacted me, he made it clear that he was looking for something a little different.  I suggested a 9oz plain weave, which is very uncommon on Audis, but still has a distinct carbon fiber look.

First, I stripped the original core pieces and bonded the plain fabric to them.

After applying the first coat of resin.  You can still see the fabric poking through, so many more coats are needed before it can be sanded.

Two or three coats later and you can start to see how the pieces will turn out:

We decided to do an Adam’s Rotors logo under the resin on the front ashtray piece:

Once the resin had cured, I stuck them all in an oven for two days to help the post cure.  I could then trim off all the extra fabric and start sanding the pieces smooth:

Once the pieces were all trimmed and sanded, they were ready for clearcoat:

A few of the next few pictures are after the first coat of clearcoat, and the pictures after that are of the second coat of clearcoat.  We always do at least 2 wet coats of clearcoat so that our pieces have a really nice depth to them:

Once the clearcoat firms up a bit, we stick it under the infared lamp for a bit to speed up the cure.

When the clearcoat is fully cured, it is ready for a quick wetsand and polish:

These pieces are on their way to Adam now, so hopefully we’ll get some good installed pics of them coming up in the near future.

Couple of custom B5 sets…

Few shots of some custom B5 beltline sets that I’ve been working on recently.  First up is a plain weave set.  It’s very similar to a standard 11oz 2×2 twill set, the weave is just slightly different.  This plain is 9oz 1×1 weave.  It’s got more of a checkerboard look the diagonal the twill sets sport.

At first glance, it may not be blatantly obvious how much different the plain weave is from the twill.  The next few shots are of a twill weave piece (on top) and a plain weave piece side by side so the differences become more apparent.

Up next is a “silver carbon fiber” set, which really isn’t carbon fiber at all.  Texalium is really a fiberglass that has been powder coated with small flakes of aluminum to give it that shine.  It looks fantastic, but unfortunately the aluminum coating makes it very rigid and difficult to work with.  The fiber tends to break in half when it is forced to conform around complex corners.  I had to wrap this set 4 times before I got all of the fabric down without it breaking.

Because it is so difficult to work with, I rarely make texalium sets.  Unless you’re super patient (I’ve been working on this set for several months) and have some deep pockets, I will probably pass on any future requests to make additional texalium sets at this time.

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