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C6 A6 shifter surround finished up

Got the C6 A6 shifter back together again.  It was much more challenging than I had anticipated, but now that it is finally done

The two ashtray covers.

Two side blades.

Shifter frame.

First the side blades are attached.

Then the ashtray covers are attached.

And finally, after a bunch of tiny screws, the shifter is all set to go.

Some installed pics of the first C6 A6 set…

Still working on the shifter plate but I got some images of the dash and door pieces installed.  I think it turned out very nice with the metal trim around the carbon fiber.

Finally finished up the C6 A6 trim…

Took me a while, but this set is finally done.

Had some trouble with the metal edges of the trim.  I couldn’t get them to stay in place long enough for the glue to set, so they kept popping out of place.

Ended up having to use some quick setting epoxy to get everything to stay in place.

These will be getting shipped out shortly, hopefully I can get some images of them installed in a week or so.

C6 A6 carbon fiber trim production…

Another new model we’ve been working on lately, the C6 A6.  It is very near completion and will be sent to the customer in a week or so.  I went with the standard 11oz 2×2 twill because I wanted to be sure the pieces weren’t too thick for the metal edges (more on that in a bit).

This is a pretty small set, just the 4 door pieces, a dash piece, and a large shifter piece.

The shifter piece can be taken apart.  These two pieces are the sides of it.

This set is unique in that it has these metal (actually plastic) edges to each of the door pieces and the dash piece.  Some of the newer Audi’s with wood trim (B8 A4 and the Q7 off the top of my head) have similar accents.

You can see here how it lines up.

They just snap into place.  As I said earlier, I was worried about the fiber being too thick for the metal edges, but it turned out to be a non issue because of the correct preparation.

Just like the D3 set, this set had one piece (the shifter piece) that still needed a bit more work.  It will be clearcoated next week.

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