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Some red and blue pieces clearcoated

We were able to get the two custom carbon kevlar sets we’ve been working on clearcoated today.  Very happy with the results.

Before we start, the pieces look almost matte as they have been sanded down to 800 grit to make a nice, smooth surface for the clear to adhere to.

Only going to need a little bit of clearcoat for these sets.

First up in the booth are some ashtrays.

Look at that shine.

About halfway done with this B6/B7 blue set…

Really hard to get good pictures of this fabric to show the true colors.

At certain angles and in certain lights, the blue fabric almost looks black.  If you look close you can catch a hint of dark blue:

But then at other angles you can really see the blue:

Same progress on the B5 carbon kevlar sets…

Almost done adding resin to these pieces.  After they cure I can start sanding them smooth.

Progress on the B8 carbon kevlar sets…

With a little bit of resin on the pieces you can start to see their true color (especially compared to the pieces with just raw fabric).  These pieces will be going in the oven for cure in the next few days and then sanded smooth.  After that, they’ll be ready for clearcoat.

More colored sets, this time for the B5…

I’ve done a few blue and red carbon kevlar sets for the B8 recently, so I figured I’d give a go at some colored B5 sets.  These sets are in the beginning stages of production and will darken up considerably once the resin and clearcoat has been applied, but you can get a good idea of what they will look like in their raw form.

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