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Just got done with some sweet carbon B8 center caps…

Made these for an RS5 owner, but I’m pretty sure they will fit quite a few B8 wheels. I’m really happy with how they turned out and can’t wait to see what they look like installed. You might remember some of our previous B8 center caps.

Starts off as a bare cap, wrapped in carbon. Having to drill out the holes for the chrome bits was pretty time consuming.

The chrome around the edge snaps into place and the rings are glued in from behind.

I’ve got two B8 A4/S4 sets done and ready to ship…

if anyone is interested.

These sets just need to be polished and could be shipped out the day after payment has been made.  Good opportunity to get a set that is ready to go without the normal 3-4 week lead time.

These sets were done in an upgraded 20oz 2×2 twill fabric (the same fabric that is found in the OEM RS4 carbon fiber trim).  This upgraded fabric is normally $100 extra, but I’ll sell these two sets at the regular price.

Email me at matt@ocarbon.com if you’re interested in picking this up or if you have any questions.

Price: $600

Shipping: Free

Core deposit:  $300 – this is refundable.  Once you install the carbon fiber trim, you can return your original trim back to us and the $300 will be refunded in full.

Pieces included:  Full 6 piece set, including 4 doors, 1 dash with quattro badge, and 1 shifter that fits both auto and manual vehicles.


Spent some time polishing

We got some new buffing pads and I’m very impressed with how the pieces are buffing out.

Couple more pictures of the recent silver sets…

Pretty amazing how the color changes when the silver catches the sun.  Hopefully we’ll get some installed pictures of these soon.



A few pictures of some of the finished silver carbon fiber pieces…

we’ve done lately.

B8 Audi:

B6/B7 Audi:

We’re also working on silver sets for a C5 Audi RS6 and a B5 Audi S4, so keep a look out for those on the blog.

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