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Spent some time polishing

We got some new buffing pads and I’m very impressed with how the pieces are buffing out.

Started working on Audi B pillars…

I had a B5 S4 Avant customer who purchased a set of interior trim and wanted and wanted a little something extra for his exterior as well.  He asked if I could do the B and C pillars for his S4.

It took us a little while, but we were able to get it sorted.  These are full replacement parts made with OEM pillars, wrapped in 20oz 2×2 twill carbon fiber:

We’ve also started some B6/B7 pillars:

OEM pillars are stripped and prepped.

Epoxy is applied and the fabric is wrapped.

Extra fabric is removed.

Epoxy is spread on and built up.  This will be cured in a week or so and ready to be sanded smooth.

I’ve even got a custom set of 5HS pillars in the works for my buddy Nick.  He’s got a one of a kind set of 5HS carbon fiber interior trim.  He’s also got a 5HS carbon fiber front plate too, hopefully we’ll see some installed pictures of that soon.

quick teasers of Rodolfo’s imola B5S4…

A few months ago I got in contact with a member on Audizine to see if he was interested in having my first custom yellow carbon/kevlar trim set in his car.  He happily obliged.

I worked on his set and watched the progress he made on his car.  So while it has taken a while to get to this point, I couldn’t be happier with having Rodolfo as the first official oCarbon sponsored vehicle.  You can check out some more images of his new website emortal.co (it will be re-launching very soon).

Stay tuned for a proper photoshoot and a full rundown of mods.

All photos courtesy of Rodolfo Lamaestra

Same progress on the B5 carbon kevlar sets…

Almost done adding resin to these pieces.  After they cure I can start sanding them smooth.

More colored sets, this time for the B5…

I’ve done a few blue and red carbon kevlar sets for the B8 recently, so I figured I’d give a go at some colored B5 sets.  These sets are in the beginning stages of production and will darken up considerably once the resin and clearcoat has been applied, but you can get a good idea of what they will look like in their raw form.

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