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Check out this custom red A3 set we’re working on…

It is only the second A3 set we’ve ever made, and it just happens to be made out of red carbon/kevlar.  We’re also doing the A frames that surround the shifter, but those are going to take a bit longer.

Stay tuned for installed pictures.



Want an aluminum set of trim for your B6/B7?

Got a wood set you can trade me for it?

Straight up trade, you send me your wood set and when I get it I ship out the aluminum set to you the same day.  You pay for shipping your set to me, I pay for shipping my set to you.  Read the post below, check out some of the pictures, and if you’re interested, shoot me an email at matt@ocarbon.com and I’ll get you set up.

I’ve got two of these aluminum sets I need to trade for wood sets.  Both of them have a manual shifter.  These sets aren’t in the best shape, they have a few scratches and a few nicks, but they’re perfect candidates for the DIY brushed aluminum modification.

DIY Brushed Mod 1

DIY Brushed Mod 2




1) I only want to trade for a wood set.

2) As long as your wood set has all the correct pieces and none of the tabs are broken, I’ll take it.  I don’t care how scratched up it is, how ugly it looks, if its painted, or if it’s wrapped in some ugly fake vinyl.  As long as its wood, and nothing is missing or broken, we’ll be good to go.

3) Don’t waste my time.  I’ve had problems with people setting up trades and then not following through.


Trim removal guide

Shipping instructions


Set 1 pictures:

Notes – The front ashtray tab fell out, I’ll included a new one.  You’ll have to re-glue it on.  There is also a bit of fabric under the Quattro badge.  The rear ashtray is just the cover, you’ll have to keep your tub.  You’ll also have to keep your chrome ring on your shifter and transfer it to this set.


Set 2 pictures:

Notes: Is in a little bit better shape than set 1.  It does have mismatched plastic endcaps though (one is tan, one is black.  Very odd).  You can probably plastidip them both to get them to match.  You will have to keep the chrome ring on your shifter and transfer it to this set.

If you’re interested in upgrading your wood set to an aluminum one, email me at matt@ocarbon.com.









Silver “carbon fiber” B6/B7 trim set for sale…

I’ve got this silver texalium all finished up and ready to go.  It is available for immediate purchase and can be shipped out the day after payment is made.

This texalium is actually an aluminum coated fiberglass (real carbon fiber can’t be colored or dyed) and is commonly called silver carbon fiber.  I don’t make many of these sets: this is only the second silver B6/B7 set I’ve ever made and I don’t anticipate making that many more of them, so this is a pretty rare/custom set.

Email me at matt@ocarbon.com if you’re interested in picking this up or if you have any questions.

Price: $600

Shipping: Free

Core deposit:  $250 – this is refundable.  Once you install the silver carbon fiber trim you can return your original trim back to us and the $250 will be refunded in full.

Pieces included:  Full 9 piece set with a manual shifter.


Some more in a different light:

Spent some time polishing

We got some new buffing pads and I’m very impressed with how the pieces are buffing out.

Some red and blue pieces clearcoated

We were able to get the two custom carbon kevlar sets we’ve been working on clearcoated today.  Very happy with the results.

Before we start, the pieces look almost matte as they have been sanded down to 800 grit to make a nice, smooth surface for the clear to adhere to.

Only going to need a little bit of clearcoat for these sets.

First up in the booth are some ashtrays.

Look at that shine.

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