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Silver carbon fiber set for a C5 RS6

I’m just about to start polishing these silver pieces for an RS6 and figured I’d snap some pictures since they look so good.

This set is going into a white C5 RS6 with a black interior, so I think the silver carbon is really going to set it off.  Hopefully we get some nice pictures of everything installed.

We’ve also got a set of black 20oz 2×2 twill c-pillars going on this car:

Speaking of custom yellow pieces…

I’ve got another custom kevlar set that just got shipped out to a C5 A6 owner.  He should be receiving it any day now, so hopefully we’ll get some installed pictures soon.

Up next to be polished:  Another custom C5 A6 set, but this time in red.

Finishing up the first 20oz C5 A6 set…

Got a 20oz 2×2 twill clearcoated.  We took it out in the sun to try and get some good photos of it.  Pretty crazy how much better it looks in some decent lighting.  I’ll try and do this more often with sets.

You can see some orange peel that still needs to get wetsanded and polished out.

Last few shots under the florescent lights.

C6 A6 shifter surround finished up

Got the C6 A6 shifter back together again.  It was much more challenging than I had anticipated, but now that it is finally done

The two ashtray covers.

Two side blades.

Shifter frame.

First the side blades are attached.

Then the ashtray covers are attached.

And finally, after a bunch of tiny screws, the shifter is all set to go.

Some installed pics of the first C6 A6 set…

Still working on the shifter plate but I got some images of the dash and door pieces installed.  I think it turned out very nice with the metal trim around the carbon fiber.

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