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Check out this custom red A3 set we’re working on…

It is only the second A3 set we’ve ever made, and it just happens to be made out of red carbon/kevlar.  We’re also doing the A frames that surround the shifter, but those are going to take a bit longer.

Stay tuned for installed pictures.



A3 Trim Removal Guide

A3 Trim Removal Guide

Tools needed:

Time required: 30 minutes

Difficulty: Easy

To remove the 4 door pieces use a flat head screw driver (or interior trim tools) to get under the trim at the end of each piece and slowly pry it out.  Each of these pieces has 3 push tabs on the back, so once you pull out the tab closest to the rear of the piece, slip your fingers in behind it and carefully pull out each of the remaining tabs working towards the front of the piece.  Be careful not to bend the piece.  Pull back towards the back of the car to unhook the last large tab.

To remove the shifter piece, start by pulling up on the shift boot.  This will pop up the chrome ring.

Pull up  the ring and the  boot.

Work your fingers under the shifter trim at the base of the piece and carefully pull up.  Work your way around the shifter until all the tabs are out.

Twist the shifter trim and work it around the shift knob until it is free.

The ashtray is held in with two torx screws.  Remove the screws, lift up your shifter and the tray will slide forward, up, and out.

That is all there is to it.  Now you’re ready to swap in your new trim.

First A3 set completed…

Finally finished up the first A3 set and I’m very happy with it.  I really don’t think it could have turned out any better.  I’ll be packing it up tonight and shipping it off to its owner in the morning.  He’s already got an removal guide in the works and will provide plenty of pictures after it gets installed.  I should have pricing finalized in the next few days, probably $450-500.

A3 Carbon Fiber Trim production – part 2

It’s a little after 1am and I just got done clearcoating a bunch of stuff.  I was going to wait until the morning to start posting pictures of everything, but I was so happy with how the sets turned out, I’m just going to start right now.

First up is the A3 set.  It’s the easiest set I’ve done to date, but that’s only because its 5 pieces total (where most are at least 8).  However, it’s still a little tricky because of the end caps on the door pieces and the fact that the shifter is slightly convex (most shifter plates are flat).

On to the pictures:

The set as a whole.  I’m so naive about A3 sets, I didn’t even know how to position the door pieces.  I can’t tell if these door pieces are upside down or right side up and was way too lazy to check it out online to pose them for the picture.  You get the idea though.

I’m really happy about how the shifter turned out, but I am still slightly nervous to see how it will look installed.  I’m only worried because on most of the Audi shifter plates you have a little room for error along the inside edge of the rim that is covered by a chrome ring or a shift boot or something.  Not so on this A3 shifter.  I’ll have to hold my breath until I see some pics of it installed.

Love these close ups.

You can’t tell from these pictures, but there are a few imperfections that still need to be polished out (you might be able to spot some if you look hard enough).  I’ll let these cure over the rest of the weak and hopefully I can get them polished up and sent to their owner by the middle of next week.

A3 Carbon Fiber Trim Production

Was able to find someone with an A3 that was willing to be a test mule and was able to make some progress on it this week.  It is only one piece on each door and the shifter plate, so there aren’t that many pieces to wrap.  Hopefully in the future we can find some other pieces in the A3 cockpit to wrap as well.

The fiber went on the pieces pretty easily as the door pieces are very simple.

After a few coats of resin, these pieces are set.  Should only take a few days to cure and I can start to trim them up and sand them smooth.

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