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Another CTS-V set finished up…

Just got this set polished up and shipped out.  Turned out fantastic.  We did these in a custom 4×4 twill fabric.

First time we’ve ever done a CTS-V shift knob.

Starting on a Cadillac CTS-V set…

A former Audi customer of mine contacted me a few weeks ago about doing a custom set of carbon fiber trim for his 2008 Cadillac CTS-V.  I’ve always wanted to do a higher end American car, especially one that performs as well as the CTS-V, so I happily obliged.  The trim I got from him is pretty standard, 4 door pieces, 3 slender dash pieces (two smaller ones on each side of the steering wheel and one longer one in front of the passenger seat), as well as a piece on either side of the shifter.

Pretty disappointing that GM would use this patterned sticker stuff over plastic trim.  This is the kind of stuff you’d expect on a base model.  Not really sure if it is supposed to replicate carbon fiber or a type of aluminum or what, but I can understand why people would want to change it out.

The customer indicated he wanted a custom 4×4 twill fabric, instead of the standard 2×2 twill fabric (a 1×1 fabric, also known as plain, is woven over, under, over, under.  2×2 would be over over, under under.  4×4 fabric is over over over over, under under under under).

The first step is laying out the pieces on the fabric and cutting it down to the correct size.

Next we start the basic wrap, slowly smoothing the fabric over each piece, ensuring the weave is straight and undistorted.

After a little while with the scissors and some tape, the pieces are done.

I was particularly proud of this piece.

The fabric wrapped around this edge perfectly.

The non-door pieces were a little more difficult and time consuming, but I was able to get them laid and was happy with how they turned out.

After this has a bit of time to cure, I’ll start brushing on epoxy and building the pieces up.  Stay tuned for more progress on these pieces in the coming weeks.

More progress on the custom Q7 set…

A ton of progress on the Q7 set has been made.  Sanded, trimmed, and clearcoated.  It will be polished and shipped out in the next few days.

All of the pieces have the extra fabric trimmed from the edges.

At this point the pieces were still pretty lumpy, so they were block sanded smooth.

Getting cleaned up for clearcoat.

After a few coats of clear, they are looking fantastic.  After the clear has set in a few days, all the little imperfections will get buffed and polished out.

Couple of quick shots of a custom 4×4 Q7 set…

This is the first Q7 set we’ve done at oCarbon and it is a beauty.  It was done in a 4×4 twill and so far is looking fantastic.  Currently it is being trimmed and sanded and will be clearcoated in the next few days.  Won’t be very much longer before it is finished up and installed.

Few shots of the door pieces.  These pieces are particularly interesting because they have LED lighting underneath them.  Should be a very cool effect once they are installed.

Last few photos are of the shifter surround.

Another custom 4 by 4 twill carbon fiber trim set…

I’ve been working on this set for a long time now, but I wanted to make sure it was perfect since it’s for a friend of mine.  He got one of my 5.6oz 2×2 twill sets a little over 2 years ago and was looking for a change.  Originally I attempted a silver texalium set for him, but I wasn’t happy with the results so I convinced him to take a different route.  I suggested we go with a custom 4×4 twill fabric and at first he was a little hesitant since he was so dead set on silver.  But after I showed him some pictures of the progress, he seemed to have a change of heart and was convinced that the 4×4 was the right move.  It should be at his door by the end of the week, I’m looking forward to hearing his thoughts on it.

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