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Red CTS-V set is done…

and it turned out great.  I’ll be wrapping these pieces up next week and shipping them off to their owner, so hopefully we see some installed pictures of this set real soon.

It is really hard to capture the color with a camera, but I did my best:

In certain lights, the red looks dark and almost black.

But if you catch it at the right angle, the red starts to peek through.

The center console was done in black, to compliment the rest of the red trim.

The small cover under the radio.  We’ll add the chrome tab right before we put it back together.

The radio piece.  I’m really happy with how this turned out.

We’re giving away this carbon fiber funnel…

A few months ago, there was a pretty funny post on Audizine involving a funnel (I’m sure a few of you know what I’m talking about).

To celebrate what has become an inside joke on the forums, we went ahead and made the worlds best carbon fiber funnel and we’re giving it away to one of our Facebook fans.  It is guaranteed* to speed up your oil change times, as well as improve your engine’s performance.

We’re not sure how we’re going to give it away yet, so we’re looking for ideas.  Should we have a funnel themed photo contest?  Another random drawing?  Maybe you’ve got a better idea on the fairest way to give this bad boy out.  If so, post up your ideas on our Facebook page and let us know what you think.

*not a guarantee


Silver carbon fiber set for a C5 RS6

I’m just about to start polishing these silver pieces for an RS6 and figured I’d snap some pictures since they look so good.

This set is going into a white C5 RS6 with a black interior, so I think the silver carbon is really going to set it off.  Hopefully we get some nice pictures of everything installed.

We’ve also got a set of black 20oz 2×2 twill c-pillars going on this car:

About halfway done with this B6/B7 blue set…

Really hard to get good pictures of this fabric to show the true colors.

At certain angles and in certain lights, the blue fabric almost looks black.  If you look close you can catch a hint of dark blue:

But then at other angles you can really see the blue:

Progress on the red CTS-V set…

After getting the CTS-V pieces wrapped over the weekend, it was time to start brushing on the epoxy.

The red kevlar does not soak up the epoxy very well, so it takes a few coats to get it saturated.

The black 8HS fabric is easily wetted out though.  Only took a few coats for the center console to start looking like real carbon fiber parts.

I am particularly fond of the cup holder cover.  It looks like it belongs on the Batmobile.

After a few more coats of epoxy, the red pieces start to darken up a bit and look more like they will when finished.

After a few days of curing, we’ll stick these parts in our oven for 36 hours to strengthen them and make them super hard.  After that we can start trimming off the excess fabric and epoxy, and get them sanded smooth.

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