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Couple of 11oz and 20oz comparison photos…

It’s been a while since I’ve had some time to make some blog posts (I’ve been sick the last few weeks) but I have a bunch of stuff to post over the next week or two.

Lately, I’ve had some customers ask me about the difference between 20oz and 11oz 2×2 twill.  I took a few photos of some B5 pieces side by side for comparison (I’ve also included a 6oz silver, because I don’t use 6oz black fabric anymore).

First and foremost, I’ll explain the differences in the weight.  The weight itself is the actual weight of 1 square yard of the fabric.  A heavier fabric will have a thicker bundle of fiber and is generally considered more attractive.  The thicker the bundle, the tighter the weave (6oz fiber tends to have gaps between the bundles because they are so skinny).  In the simplest terms, a 20oz fabric will have almost twice as much individual strands of carbon as an 11oz fabric.

Here are a couple of close up side by side shots of the 11oz and 20oz pieces.  You can see how much thicker the bundles are on the 20oz compared to the 11oz.

Couple more close ups of the 20oz.

Compare the thickness of the bundles on the 20oz to the thickness on the 6oz silver.  A side note about the silver: it is basically aluminum powder coated fiberglass, and not real carbon fiber.  I hate working with it, as the aluminum makes it very stiff and brittle which makes wrapping it around complex curves very difficult.

Last up I have a teaser of a 9oz plain B5 set that I’m working on.  It has more of a checkerboard pattern, where as the twill goes in a diagonal direction.

First 20oz twill set…

My standard fiber is an 11oz 2×2 twill, but I’m always looking at new fibers to make custom pieces.  A few weeks ago I ordered some 20oz 2×2 twill carbon fiber so I could experiment with it on some sets and I finally finished the first one.  It’s a B6/B7 set, which was a perfect set to start with because the OEM B7 RS4 carbon fiber trim uses a 20oz fabric.

Most people wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between the two at first glance, but when you see the fiber side by side its pretty apparent.  The 20oz is thicker than the 11oz because each thread of the weave has more strands of carbon.

I’m really happy with how it turned out.  I’ve got a couple other sets in the works with the 20oz (including a B5 set that should be done in a few days) and will keep the 20oz in stock for future custom orders.

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