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Finishing up the first 20oz C5 A6 set…

Got a 20oz 2×2 twill clearcoated.  We took it out in the sun to try and get some good photos of it.  Pretty crazy how much better it looks in some decent lighting.  I’ll try and do this more often with sets.

You can see some orange peel that still needs to get wetsanded and polished out.

Last few shots under the florescent lights.

Audi Cabrio carbon fiber trim production

Working on 20oz 2×2 twill cabrio set right now so I figured I’d post up some pics of it.  The front door pieces are insanely long, almost as big as the A8 door pieces.

Unfortunately, cabrio core sets of trim are a little tough to come by.  The original core that was sent to me was from the UK, and was a right hand drive set.  Thankfully we were still able to use all the pieces except for the two dash pieces.  We had to order new ones, so the dash pieces are a little bit behind the rest of the set.

First 20oz B8 carbon fiber trim set finished…

I had posted up about a few custom B8 sets we’ve been working on and we finally got the first one wrapped up.  I’m really happy with how it turned out and can’t wait to get some pictures back of it installed.

I hope to have the other custom B8 sets finished by the end of the week.

You can compare these new 20oz shots to some older 11oz 2×2 twill B8 sets we made a few months ago.

Couple of custom B8 carbon fiber trim sets…

We’ve done a few B8 A4/S4 carbon fiber sets of trim so far, but up until now they have all been the standard 11oz 2×2 twill (you can see some of those sets in the B8 gallery).

We recently got a bunch of B8 cores from Germany so we figured it would be time to start getting a little more custom with some of them.  I’m hoping to have these sets trimmed and sanded smooth sometime next week so I can clearcoat them.  I’ll post more pictures as I make further progress on them.

First is the 20oz 2×2 twill.  This is the same fabric found on the B7 RS4 OEM carbon fiber trim.  The weave is twice as thick as the standard 11oz 2×2 twill.  I’ve done some blog posts comparing the 20oz and 11oz in the past.  Side by side it becomes apparent how much nicer the 20oz is.

Few close ups of the 20oz.

Up next we have a harness satin weave, known as 8HS.  I believe this fabric is very similar to the B8 OEM carbon fiber trim.

Up close you can see how tight the weave is.

Few more shots of the 8HS.

Lastly we have another harness satin weave, but this time it is a 5HS.  It is basically the same thing as the 8HS but with thicker bunches of fiber.

Few close ups of the 5HS.

Lastly we have some B5 pics of the 8HS.  We’re also currently working on a B6/B7 set with the 5HS.  Hopefully I can post some updates on these sets soon.

Another 20oz set finished…

I’m liking this fabric more and more as I continue to complete sets with it.  This is the 4th overall 20oz set I’ve completed (two B5 sets and this is the second B6/B7 set).  The thicker fabric has a much tighter weave.

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