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Latest B8 A4/S4 images…

The second set of B8 A4/S4 trim is going much smoother than the first.  Almost all the of the kinks I had during the first production run are getting ironed out and the finished product is a lot better.  The finish is flawless and they should fit perfectly.  Now that the beltline is done and all wrapped up (it’s heading to a Canadian tomorrow) I can focus on the last 3 difficult pieces remaining in this set.

First A3 set completed…

Finally finished up the first A3 set and I’m very happy with it.  I really don’t think it could have turned out any better.  I’ll be packing it up tonight and shipping it off to its owner in the morning.  He’s already got an removal guide in the works and will provide plenty of pictures after it gets installed.  I should have pricing finalized in the next few days, probably $450-500.

C5 A6 Carbon Fiber Trim

I just realized I never posted any pictures of my first C5 A6 carbon fiber trim set.  These have been sent to a customer in Canada but they’ve yet to arrive.  Hopefully he gets them soon so I can get some images of them installed.  I’m really happy with how it turned out.

Damon’s New RS4 Steering Wheel

Just got some new pictures from Damon after he installed his brand new RS4 steering wheel.  It matches his RS4 shifter and e-brake perfectly and really sets off the carbon fiber trim.

The rest of the new images are in the Damon’s Gallery.

B8 Carbon Fiber Trim Installed

I just got an email from the owner of the trim with some pictures of it installed. Apparently the two pieces that surround the cluster and the MMI had fit, but they were rattling a little bit, so I’m going to see if I can redo them so they are a little more snug. So because of this I only have pictures of the beltline and shifter installed. Hopefully I can have the other two pieces done in the next week or two and get some images of them installed along with the rest of the set.

Check out the rest of the gallery here.

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