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B8 Carbon Fiber Trim Production – part 11

Last pieces have been clearcoated. These will still need to be wetsanded, cleared again, wetsanded and polished, but they are looking pretty good right now.

B8 Carbon Fiber Trim Production – part 10

Sorry for not posting more, I’ve been super busy trying to complete my backlog of orders. So busy that I just hired a part time employee to help me keep up. He’s done a great job the last 2-3 days, so once him and I bang out the rest of the outstanding orders, new ones should move much quicker.

On to the pictures. I got the beltline all polished up. Its a 3 stage polish topped of with Swissvax. I’ll see if I can take some better pictures in natural lighting because carbon fiber always looks kinda weird under florecent lights.

Pictures of the rest of the set to follow in the next few days.

B8 Carbon Fiber Trim Production – part 9

The beltline has been clearcoated and looks great. These photos were taken after the first round of clearcoat. They were then wetsanded and shot with clear again. I’m currently wetsanding and polishing them right now and will post pictures of the final results in the next two or three days. The shifter and two gauge pieces will be clearcoated shortly as well.

B8 Carbon Fiber Trim Production – part 8

All the pieces are trimmed up. Will finishing sanding them today or tomorrow.

Most of the edges are pretty flush so I don’t think fit is going to be an issue.

B8 Carbon Fiber Trim Production – part 7

These are cured and ready to be trimmed and sanded. Probably going to be a few days before I can get to it though. I just spent a ton of money on a new clearcoat setup, so I’ll be spending the next few days figuring out the best methods of application. After I do, these pieces will get my full attention.

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