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oCarbon is looking for owners of cool cars…

We are looking to expand our make and model offerings on interior trim parts, so we’d like to find some owners of some high end European vehicles to help us out.  We’re going to offer real carbon fiber trim sets at HUGE discounts to people who are willing to send in their trim to us and be a little patient while we manufacture these new sets.  Priority will be given to owners who are active on major forums or who work at/own tuning shops.

If you’ve got a sick car and would like some more info, email me at matt@ocarbon.com with some info about your vehicle (make, model, and year), what current type of trim you’ve got (wood, aluminum, plastic, etc) along with what forums you’re active on and any other information you feel is relevant on why we should pick you.

Be sure to check out our gallery to get an idea of what we can do for you:


Here are a few makes and models we’re looking for (got something awesome not on this list?  Email me anyway):


  • R8
  • TTS or TT-RS
  • C7 A6/S6
  • D4 A8/S8
  • RS5 vent and MMI pieces


  • 1 series, preferably 1m
  • e92, preferably M3
  • F30 3 series
  • F10/F11 5 series
  • F12/F13 6 series
  • Any recent M vehicle

Mercedes Benz

  • C-Class, W203 and W204
  • E-Class, W211 and W212
  • S-Class, W221
  • SL-Class, R230 and R231
  • Any recent AMG vehicle
  • Cayman
  • 911, 997 and 991
  • Panamera

Any recent model of the following makes:

  • Aston Martin
  • Bentley
  • Ferrari
  • Jaguar
  • Lamborghini
  • Lotus
  • Maserati
  • Rolls Royce

Spent some time polishing

We got some new buffing pads and I’m very impressed with how the pieces are buffing out.

New compressor is all setup…

It took us a few days to get the spray booth setup, but its finally done.  We spent the majority of the day yesterday plumbing the new compressor to the new filter we picked up on Friday.  All the hard work has paid off with a leak free system.

Sam soldering the copper pipe.

Multiple shut off valves, as we’ll be plumbing more air lines to the rest of the shop when we have time.

We needed 25 feet of copper piping between the compressor and the filter so we had to improvise a little trap run.  The pipes are sloped so that condensation in the pipes flows towards the shut off valve at the bottom.

Good to go.  The air line from the filter will run directly into the spray booth.

Finally got our new air filter…

I know there are quite a few of you that have been waiting paitently for us to clearcoat your parts.

After a month delay, we finally got it in and are ready to plumb it to our new air compressor (an 80 gallon beast).

We’ll get this all hooked up over the next day or two and clearcoat non-stop until everyone has their parts.

The first two smaller filters remove any oil and dirt from the air, while the large tank removes any moisture.  Having clean, dry air is essential to a quality finish on painted parts.  If the air isn’t clean, any contaminates get blown out right along with the clearcoat and end up on the part.

The new compressor is huge.  Our first compressor from 2 years ago was only 5 gallons.  Last year we bought a 25 gallon compressor that we out grew in a few months.  Hopefully we won’t have to replace this new one for years to come.


Moving on up…

We’re moving!

We signed a new lease last week and now are in a building that is twice as big as our old facility.  Now we have the room we desperately needed to continue making cool parts (and hopefully we’ll be able to speed things up a bit too).   The new space is only a block away and we were able to get 90% of our equipment moved over the weekend, so there shouldn’t be any disruption to current or future orders.

With the new space we’ll finally have the space and 220v wiring to get some real, heavy duty tools that will make production a lot easier and safer.

A few pictures from before we moved in (I’ll make another post detailing all the new stuff we’ve got once we’re fully operational):

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