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Keep an eye out for installed photos of these center caps…

Custom order from a very good customer of mine.  OEM 5 star center caps wrapped in 20oz 2×2 twill.  I’m very excited to see how these look on the car.  I love subtle touches of carbon like this that might not get noticed by the average person.

Another C5 A6 added to the gallery…

Just got some new installed pictures of a 20oz 2×2 twill C5 set and have added them to the gallery.  The full gallery can be found here.

If you’re interested in having the same set made for your C5, check our product page:



Check out this silver set we’re working on…

for a B8 A4.  It’s the first silver “carbon fiber” (which is actually aluminum coated fiberglass) trim set for a B8 we’ve done and it is turning out fantastic.  The epoxy is all cured now and it will be trimmed down, sanded smooth, and clearcoated in the next week or so.  I can’t wait to see how this looks installed in a black Audi interior.

Here are a few shots from the production:

First the pieces are prepped and the fabric is cut.

Then the pieces are added to the vacuum system and a bag is placed on top.

A vacuum pump removes the air and begins to hug the stiff fabric around the complex edges and curves of each piece.

After a time in the vacuum, the pieces are removed and are ready for epoxy.

First few layers of epoxy.

After many layers of epoxy the pieces are ready to start curing.

Ready to start the “OEM” vent & MMI group buy

We got the cores in from Germany yesterday, so I can start production on these in the next few days.

By my count I have about 25 A4/S4 vent and MMI sets of cores, and close to 10 A5/S5 sets as well, so hopefully after this group buy is completed I’ll have plenty of cores at my disposal to continue making these matching carbon fiber pieces.

Alex @ Europrice took care of our pretty big order of cores and once again, was awesome to work with (can’t recommend him enough for sourcing OEM parts).

Also made sure I had plenty of the matching fabric in stock so I could get started on these right away.

Keep an eye on the blog and the forums for updates on how these pieces are coming along.

First pictures of “OEM” vent & MMI pieces installed…

I have been promised better pictures this weekend when the owner has a bit more time to take proper ones.

He says he is very happy with the pieces.  They all fit perfectly and the install was “a breeze.”

He did note that there were some subtle differences between the fabrics but they are unnoticeable once the pieces are installed because they are not adjacent to each other in the cabin.

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