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And the winners are….

Our first sweepstakes is in the books and the winners have been drawn.  I ended up giving away a second grand prize and a few extra second place prizes as well. If you didn’t win, don’t fret.  I’ll be emailing everyone a little bonus in a few days, so keep your eyes open for that.

We’ll also be doing this all over again real soon, with you guys picking what type of contest we run and choosing the winners.

So lets get on with it:

Grand Prize Winners – 1 free set of oCarbon trim

1) Trevor T. – B8 A4
2) Dennis M. – B5 S4

First Prize Winner – $300 oCarbon gift certificate

1) Ben S. – B8 A4

Second Prize Winners – $100 oCarbon gift certificate

1) Alan V. – B5 S4
2) Joe D. – A3
3) Brad S. – B8 S4
4) John S. B8 A4

Third Prize Winners – $50 oCarbon gift certificate

1) Winners will be notified via email shortly.  😉


Want to win a free set of oCarbon trim?

Summer is finally here and that means it’s the start of show season.  What better way to celebrate than to give away a brand new set of oCarbon trim?

So how do you get in on this?  It’s easy and only takes a moment.


Step 1

Head on over to our Facebook page here:  http://facebook.com/ocarbon


Step 2

Like our fan page.

Already one of our fans on Facebook?  Head over to the Sweepstakes tab on the left side menu.



Step 3

Click on “Enter Sweepstakes” and fill out the form.

That’s it!

The grand prize winner will get a full set of oCarbon carbon fiber trim for their Audi.  They’ll have the option of having a custom set made in the fabric of their choice.  A core or a core deposit will be required, but I’ll sort out those details with the winner when the time comes.

Didn’t get the grand prize?  No worries!  We’ll also be giving away a bunch of oCarbon gift certificates in $50-250 denominations in the days after the sweepstakes ends.

The sweepstakes runs from now until the end of July (July 31st, 11:59pm MST).  We’ll randomly select the winners a few days after the sweepstakes closes and announce the winners on our Facebook page.


Few rules:

1) Entrant must be 18, sorry kids.

2) Entrant must reside in the United States or Canada.  We’ll consider doing an international contest next time, but for this first one we’re going to keep it “local”.

3) Entrant must have an Audi.  We’re currently expanding into other makes and models, but this sweepstakes is only open to Audi owners.  I’m not making carbon fiber trim for a 1983 Honda Civic hatchback.  If you have a 1983 Honda Civic hatchback, you’re more than welcome to enter, but if you win you’ll be disqualified and your prize will be awarded to an Audi owner.

4) Full set of official rules and boring stuff can be found here: Official Rules


If you have any questions about the sweepstakes or have any trouble signing up, feel free to email me at matt@ocarbon.com and I’ll get you sorted.

Good luck!

Couple more pictures of the recent silver sets…

Pretty amazing how the color changes when the silver catches the sun.  Hopefully we’ll get some installed pictures of these soon.



A few pictures of some of the finished silver carbon fiber pieces…

we’ve done lately.

B8 Audi:

B6/B7 Audi:

We’re also working on silver sets for a C5 Audi RS6 and a B5 Audi S4, so keep a look out for those on the blog.

Started working on Audi B pillars…

I had a B5 S4 Avant customer who purchased a set of interior trim and wanted and wanted a little something extra for his exterior as well.  He asked if I could do the B and C pillars for his S4.

It took us a little while, but we were able to get it sorted.  These are full replacement parts made with OEM pillars, wrapped in 20oz 2×2 twill carbon fiber:

We’ve also started some B6/B7 pillars:

OEM pillars are stripped and prepped.

Epoxy is applied and the fabric is wrapped.

Extra fabric is removed.

Epoxy is spread on and built up.  This will be cured in a week or so and ready to be sanded smooth.

I’ve even got a custom set of 5HS pillars in the works for my buddy Nick.  He’s got a one of a kind set of 5HS carbon fiber interior trim.  He’s also got a 5HS carbon fiber front plate too, hopefully we’ll see some installed pictures of that soon.

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