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B8 Carbon Fiber Trim Production – part 7

These are cured and ready to be trimmed and sanded. Probably going to be a few days before I can get to it though. I just spent a ton of money on a new clearcoat setup, so I’ll be spending the next few days figuring out the best methods of application. After I do, these pieces will get my full attention.

B8 Carbon Fiber Trim Production – part 6

Sorry for taking so long to update this thread, I’ve been struggling with some clearcoat on some other sets but will have it sorted in the next few days with upgraded equipment and product.

Resin is on the final pieces, can hopefully start trimming the beltline pieces soon.

B8 Carbon Fiber Trim Production – part 5

Resin has been applied to the beltline pieces. Its currently 74F in the shop, so it should only take 3-4 days for it to fully cure. Hopefully it won’t get any colder and slow things down.

B8 Carbon Fiber Trim Production – part 4

I apologize for the poor quality of this next round of pictures, but the lighting is poor in the warehouse and these are about as good as they will get. After I get some resin on them, I can move them into better light and take better photos.

B8 Carbon Fiber Trim Production – part 3

Got the fiber down on the beltline, I’ll do the dash pieces and shifter piece on Monday.

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